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About Aeroe

Founded in New Zealand over 12 years ago by a pair of brothers, Aeroe’s expertise is in bike-mounted storage. Whether you’re preparing for a casual day trip or a weeks-long cross-country tour, Aeroe’s gear will help you make space for everything you need on the journey.

For any bike and anyone

Aeroe’s first and most important goal is simple: to make bikepacking and bike touring more accessible for everyone. With simple, effective solutions for bike storage, you can spend less time fiddling with your gear rack and more time where it counts – on your bike. See their selection of pannier racks to get started.

Aeroe gear is customizable to ensure its compatibility with all kinds of bikes. They offer simple solutions to what can feel like complicated problems. It’s easy to add or remove pieces as necessary, too, so you can make sure you’ve got all the space you need without dragging extra. Aeroe’s bike saddle, handlebar and frame bags provide ample space for your gear and supplies.

Intelligent design

From their iconic Freeload Rack to continued innovations today, Aeroe leaves no detail unaccounted for in their engineering. Minimalist designs reduce mass, distribute weight effectively and keep your ride smooth. On the manufacturing side, materials like lightweight anodised aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon make sure you’re getting strength and quality to survive even the most rugged terrain.