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About Altra

Altra was founded over 10 years ago when high school cross-country buds Brian Beckstead and Golden Harper pursued an innovative approach to running shoes.

Struck with the idea to put his running shoes in the toaster oven, Golden heated his shoes just enough to remove the heel, forming a balanced cushioning platform. This new shape offered a more natural and connected running feel for the founders.

From Altra trail runners that are responsive with a Vibram sole for grip, to Altra road runners that are lightweight and supportive, Altra running shoes are designed to promote a natural gait and foot position. A large toe box lets your toes splay naturally and a zero-drop heel with balanced cushioning promotes better form while reducing impact.

Our article on how to choose running shoes offers tips and tricks for picking the perfect pair (and maybe pick up a few energy gels on the way to power your next run).

Making a smaller footprint

Altra’s all about living, running and moving outdoors, and it’s their aim to limit the impact production has on the environment so we can keep playing. They do this by:

  • Chemical screening on all products to keep harmful substances out of the supply chain
  • 100% recyclable shoe boxes, made from post-consumer waste
  • Being a proud member of the VF Corporation Sustainability program, an industry leader in positive change