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About Auclair

Proudly born in Canada, Auclair has been making high-quality outdoor gloves since 1945. With their roots in the unpredictable – and sometimes nasty – weather of the north, they strive to outfit you with the hand protection you need to enjoy it. After all, nothing can ruin a great day outside like frigid fingers.

Athletes in mind

Auclair works closely with athletes as they develop and test new product lines. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or the trail, Auclair is constantly improving on their designs, making strides in form, fit and function with the feedback they receive and the research they do. If you’re ready to get out there, take a look at their selection of gloves and mitts to keep you warm. Their running gloves also offer a sleeker and more lightweight option when you want to get your blood pumping.

Social and environmental responsibility

In the last several years, Auclair has made strides towards increasing their social and environmental responsibility as a company. They’re making the transition towards more sustainable production and materials while maintaining the quality that people have come to expect from them. Partnerships with environmental protection groups and other companies with a focus on sustainable materials have also furthered this goal.