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    About Axiom

    Axiom is a brand by cyclists and for cyclists. Founded in 1988, Axiom strives to design gear that can meet the specific needs of everyday cyclists. They design products aimed to make cycling an easier and more enjoyable experience for everyone by targeting cyclists’ problems and solving them.

    Solution-based design

    Axiom offers products to address a range of different cycling needs, looking to help you get through your ride in comfort. When it comes to storage, options like their panniers and handlebar and frame bags give you plenty of options to load up for the trip, many of which are weatherproof for even the roughest morning commutes. They’ve got you covered on hardware, too, offering a variety of pannier racks for mounting your bags before you go. And on those same messy mornings, an Axiom cycling fender will help protect you from the worst of the spray lines.

    A commitment to the environment

    From the vendors they choose to their manufacturing processes, Axiom takes their environmental impact into consideration every step of the way. They make use of recycled and environmentally sensitive materials in their products and packaging. They also design their gear to last a lifetime, complete with a guarantee to go with it, making sure you get to use it as long as possible and keeping their gear out of landfill.