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About Ben’s

Established in 1975 with Adventure Ready Brands, Ben’s produces high-quality insect deterrents that are a staple in the outdoor community. Whether you’re looking for insect repellent for your hike or a physical layer like a bug hat to keep the mosquitos out of your face, Ben’s is a great option to keep you protected.

Serious bug protection

In the parts of the backcountry where a lightweight bug spray won’t cut it, you’ll want to reach for Ben’s line of DEET formula sprays. They offer the most potent DEET formula available to ensure maximum protection from bug bites.

What is DEET? It’s the active ingredient in many effective insect repellents. To keep it simple, DEET makes it harder for mosquitos and other insects to find you by disrupting some of their senses. If they can’t find you, they won’t bite you – simple as that.

Ben’s repellent formula is water-based. This makes the repellent last longer, evaporating slowly without drying out your skin like an alcohol-based formula. Plus, they offer a fragrance-free selection so you aren’t left stinking of bug spray.

Bug nets

For an added layer of protection, Ben’s bug nets keep the bugs out of your face while offering the highest visibility on the market. And even with this benefit, the mesh is still fine enough to stop even the tiniest bugs from breaking through to bother you.