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    Energy everywhere

    Half the population of our planet lives in energy poverty. In 2008, when BioLite founders Jonathan and Alec learned this staggering fact, they set their sights on building a better future. They imagined a world in which everybody had access to safe, clean, affordable energy – and where better to start than with vulnerable populations who need it most?

    Parallel innovation

    BioLite’s business model is twofold. Their innovations in the outdoor living sphere bring in revenue which is then put towards building businesses that provide safe and affordable energy to those living in energy poverty across the world. Right now, their focus is on India and Africa where they’re working to improve the lives of millions who rely on fossil fuels and open fire for cooking, lighting and power.

    Cook, charge and light

    Looking to bring clean, safe electricity to your campsite or backyard? BioLite’s product line offers a great place to start. Solar chargers and portable power give you access to electricity when you’re off the grid. BioLite’s camping stoves and camp fuel use biomass instead of fossil fuels to cook your food, keep you warm and generate electricity for your USB-powered devices. And their headlights, lanterns and flashlights offer the same off-the-grid options so you can bring mood lighting wherever the road takes you.