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About Bivo

It all started with a sip from an old drink belt that left Bivo founders Carina and Robby with the taste of mold and plastic in their mouths. From that day on, they set out on a journey to create a water bottle with the performance features and health benefits they desired.

Bivo’s home office is nestled in the green mountains and endless bike trails of Vermont, and their close-knit biking community inspires the products they make. They’re focused on health, sustainability and performance to keep you hydrated without all the extra plastic.

Hydrate with ease

Bivo water bottles incorporate the classic sport nozzle and a stainless steel coating to keep your water cool, with no need to stop and unscrew your lid to take a sip. Bivo nozzles use gravity rather than squeeze power to deliver water with ease.

A silicon coating keeps your bottle quiet and secure in any bottle cage and gives you a solid grip even with sweaty hands.

Less plastic, more stainless-steel

Bivo uses less plastic than a traditional sport bottle, and stainless steel which is a highly recyclable material. Bivo water bottles come packaged in recyclable materials too, so that every part of your bottle can head somewhere other than the landfill.

Bivo’s water bottles are also dishwasher safe to keep your bottle mold-free for a longer life.