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    About Buff

    The original Buff multifunctional tubular was first conceptualized in Barcelona. Joan Rojas wanted a better way to protect himself from the elements while riding his motorcycle, so he designed one – and thus, Buff was born. Today, their products are available in more than 70 countries worldwide.

    Multifunctional and beyond

    Buff is known best for their multifunctional neckwear. Available in different weights and materials so you can be prepared for a range of conditions, these versatile accessories offer all sorts of colourful designs to choose from. Famously, they can also be worn in several different ways, from a neck gaiter to a skull cap to a scrunchie and everything in between.

    Over the years, Buff has expanded their product line to include even more versatility. From caps and sun hats for the summer, to toques, beanies and balaclavas for the winter, just pick the right piece of headgear for the weather.

    Active lifestyles

    From the beginning, Buff has had a close relationship with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Offerings like their running and fitness hats and headbands let you keep moving, no matter your sport. They’re designed to make an active lifestyle easier and more comfortable – not to mention more stylish.