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About Coleman

Coleman is a name with a deeply storied history. Over 120 years ago, they created the first portable gas-powered lantern, and their products have been a staple in the outdoor world ever since. With their range of products, a Coleman will fit comfortably in any part of your campsite.

Bringing the kitchen with you

At the heart of any good camping trip is the food that gets you through the day. Whether you’re planning a steak dinner or a quick just-add-water casserole, Coleman can help make sure you’re properly outfitted with kitchen necessities no matter where you pitch your tent. Their selection of camping coolers keep your food or drinks chilled so they’re ready when you are. And when it’s time to fire up the stove, check out Coleman’s stove and camp fuel to get that dinner cooked.

Good times with good company

Coleman’s drive comes from the desire to encourage people to get outside and make good memories. By providing the equipment you need to prepare for your next trip, they want to enable you to have unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Coleman partners with several groups with similar goals. These include groups of outdoor enthusiasts, environmental advocacy groups and even whole campgrounds that can help you choose your next adventure.