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About Craft

In 1973, Swedish inventor Anders Bengtsson donned the very first pair of Craft underwear to go for a run. In the world of sport, where sweat is our most consistent companion, Craft strives to keep you dry and at a comfortable temperature no matter what you’re doing or the weather you’re doing it in. Performance is at the core of everything Craft do, and through being and working with lovers of all kinds of sport, they continue to work towards offering the best possible apparel for the job.

Performance apparel

Whatever sport gets your blood pumping, Craft offers a wide selection of apparel to get you outfitted and ready to sweat in comfort. For those looking to pound the pavement or the trail, Craft’s running shorts, tights and pants and running shirts and tops are great options for light, comfortable clothing. For the cyclists, Craft also offers options like short sleeve cycling jerseys and cycling shorts for those long days in the saddle. And if you’re looking for something more casual but with the same level of performance and comfort, check out Craft’s shirts and tops that’ll get you through any day, no matter the energy level.

Built to last

At every stage in the design and manufacturing process, Craft is conscious of their environmental impact and strives to mitigate it. They design their clothes to last you a long time, reducing waste. They use recycled materials in their clothing and are striving for full traceability in all their products by 2025. Their packaging also uses recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible.