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About Elite

Elite was founded in 1979 by Amerigo Sartore. Based in an ancient production site in Italy and steeped in the rich culture of cycling, their focus is on empowering cyclists. Through their in-house innovations and local manufacturing, they constantly strive towards improving the sport for the people who love it.

To this day, Elite is a small, dedicated team of people who live and breathe cycling. It is through their passion and dedication to the sport and its values that they continue in the pursuit of excellence to this day.

For the love of cycling

Elite is known for a few different categories of cycling equipment that can help enhance your riding or training experience. When you want to get outside, a water bottle cage keeps your hydration close at hand without a pannier or backpack.

If the weather isn’t kind or you just want to get some indoor training in, Elite offers a range of bike trainers to bring your routine to the next level. And to enhance it even further, check out their bike trainer accessories so your routine is customized to exactly what you want it to be.