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About Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports was born of two things. Founders Doug and Lisa Hudson shared a passion for cycling, and Doug’s background in electrical engineering led them to the business they wanted to build. Today, Feedback Sports products can be found in over 40 countries and are used at the highest level of cycling competition all over the world.

Dependability and durability

With a focus on portability, durability and quality in their products, Feedback Sports offers a variety of options when you’re ready to work towards maintaining and improving your own bike. Their line of bike repair stands help you take the first step on that journey so you can feel confident when it’s time to break out the tool kit. On that note, Feedback Sports also offers a variety of bike tools to keep you well equipped for whatever repairs or improvements you want to make. And when you’re finished tweaking your ride, their bike storage racks make it just a little easier to keep things tidy in the workshop or the garage.

Steps towards a sustainable future

With complete control of their own company, Feedback Sports is in a position to keep careful watch over every step of their design and manufacturing processes to implement sustainable practices where they can. With continual audits that help them make improvements wherever possible, they’ve introduced initiatives like energy-efficient lighting, reduction of industrial waste and an increase in recycling efforts, while also supporting their customers’ right to repair with extensive resources that allow the longest possible life for their products.