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    About Filzer

    Filzer has been in the business of cycling gear for 20 years. The goal behind Filzer’s founding was to use a deep knowledge of both cycling and engineering to identify the most important gear to cyclists – the core needs of the sport. Once they identified that gear, they sought to refine and improve it, hoping to provide the best balance of quality and value that they could. To this day, they are among the best-known cycling brands in Canada and are constantly expanding their product line, innovating for a better cycling experience and striving to be responsive to customer feedback.

    Gear up for your ride

    When you’re getting ready to hit the road or the trail, Filzer has the gear you need to be outfitted for any situation. To make sure you’ve got space for your gear (and your snacks), check out Filzer pannier racks. Their bike bells and horns can help ensure people hear you coming when you’re headed into busy areas. And when you’re ready to make a pit stop, a Filzer kickstand will keep your bike upright and ready for your return.

    Responsible manufacturing

    With cycling having such close ties to making the world a little greener, Filzer is also making strides in their manufacturing process to contribute to those efforts. Their products are built to last, saving you the cost of replacements and keeping more garbage out of landfills. They use minimal packaging for their products and ensure that packaging is recyclable. Finally, they maintain close partnerships with their manufacturers to ensure responsibility in both the treatment of workers and impact on the environment.