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    About Gerber

    Since 1939, Gerber has been dedicated to excellence in the world of knives and tools. Based in Portland, Oregon, they proudly design and engineer their products right at home, constantly innovating in search of ways to provide further value and utility to the people who trust their products. With customers all over the world, Gerber has been a familiar name in the industry for decades and is committed to continuing to provide the same level of quality moving forward.

    A tool for every challenge

    When you’re headed into the wilderness, preparation can make the difference between a great memory and a harrowing experience. Gerber’s selection of tools offers a great place to start when it comes to preparing for uncertainty. A Gerber multi-tool offers a one-stop shop for everyday tool requirements. Each model offers a different selection of tools depending on your needs and preferences, from pocket-sized saw blades and screwdrivers to a selection of kitchen utensils. In a similar vein, Gerber’s folding pocket knives offer a lot of utility without taking up a lot of space, tucking easily into a pocket or onto your belt to have at hand in the bush.

    For more specific utility, check out options like Gerber’s axes and hatchets or saws. While they might not see the same everyday use as smaller, lighter tools, they provide the rugged durability required to tackle bigger jobs with confidence.