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About Goal Zero

Goal Zero is an industry leading manufacturer of portable electricity sources. After being founded in 2009, Goal Zero has innovated and designed many different types of power sources you can use on the go. The products Goal Zero offers include portable solar panels, solar generators, solar kits for camping, solar-powered lights and other accessories that are compatible with their products.

The best part about Goal Zero products is that they are designed to be portable, reliable and durable making their products ideal for camping trips, hiking, and backpacking. All their products serve the same purpose, but knowing what product works best for you is the most important part.

Portable Solar Panels are perfect for backpacking or hiking trips due to their lightweight and packable design.

Portable power stations are perfect for camping trips or emergency situations, these power stations can charge many devices and run small appliances like a plug-in stove.

Goal Zero and the environment

Since their founding Goal Zero aims to supply a clean energy source to everyone, especially to those who are less fortunate. Through their Solar Empowerment program, they supply power and lighting solutions to communities who don’t have access to electricity.