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About Helinox

Helinox is an outdoor furniture company that focuses exclusively on bringing comfort to the outdoors so you can be at home anywhere. Since being founded in 2009, Helinox has built into their mission statement that furniture should be built to travel.

Wherever you are, Helinox wants you to be comfortable. Whether you are watching a baseball game in the park, singing campfire songs, or having a picnic, Helinox has you covered with lightweight, comfy and durable portable furniture. Helinox supplies an array of outdoor furniture including products such as chairs, cots, tables, and accessories.

Helinox and sustainability

Helinox knows that without the great outdoors, they wouldn't have a business. So, they're all about taking care of Mother Nature and helping future generations. In 2023, they made a big announcement: a whopping 90% of their furniture seats, cases, and accessories are now made with recycled polyester. They've also teamed up with many non-profit community groups that are all about making the world a cleaner and greener place.

Helinox is all about making outdoor adventures comfortable and sustainable. Now, go grab a chair and enjoy the great outdoors in style!