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About Igloo

Since 1947, Igloo has been producing some of the most recognizable coolers in North America. Their selection has only grown over time and they’ve been constantly innovating along the way. Creators of the first plastic cooler, the first wheeled cooler and more, Igloo continues to come up with new and exciting ways to deliver coolness to the world.

Fun plus performance

Igloo coolers aren’t just known for their iconic look – they’re known for doing a darn good job at keeping things cool. More than 75 years of experience means they’ve had plenty of time to figure out how to design coolers that exceed the needs of beach goers, campers, athletes and everybody in between. A variety of sizes and styles means there’s something for everyone, and brand collaborations give you options for how you want to express yourself.

What’s cooler than cool? Recycled materials

Performance and style aren’t the only reasons to feel good about an Igloo cooler. They’ve been making the shift towards recycled and eco-friendly materials that lessen their impact on the environment. They even offer disposable coolers that are fully biodegradable – and what’s cooler than that?