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About Intuition

Founded in 1993, Intuition raised the standard of comfort in performance boot fitting. Three decades on, Intuition has continued to test new materials and design more liners, all in pursuit of the perfect fit.

Behind Intuition is an attitude of unwavering optimism: they believe that good liners enhance comfort and performance. And at the end of the day, happy feet set you up to carve harder, tour longer and ski better.

To that end, every boot Intuition Liner is made from high-quality closed cell foam in different thicknesses and densities. Using Intuition’s blends of non-toxic EVA foam, each liner is thermo-moldable (a.k.a. you can mold the shape using heat) but without the shrinkage of lower quality stock liners. The result? A range of liners that boost the performance of each boot while eliminating pressure points, improving moisture management and keeping feet warmer.

Because of their attention to detail and durability, Intuition Liners are the go-to replacement liners for snow lovers all over the place. From ski patrollers to patient parents, skiers around the world rely on Intuition Liners to keep their feet happy and give their ski boots another season in the snow.

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