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About Knog

Knog is an outdoor cycling and outdoor accessories brand founded in 2002 by friends Hugo Davidson and Mal Mckechnie. The pair had a goal of creating functional, stylish, and high-quality products for cyclists.

Locks were the first products Knog supplied for the cycling industry, and as the years went by, they expanded and started to produce lights, bells, and tools that combined elements of unconventional design with full functionality.

The Knog lights became one of Knog’s leading products because of their lightweight, easy-to-attach functionality, and their unique look. Knog provides cycling accessories for all disciplines, but their most focused discipline is the urban commuter, which is evident in all their products.

Knog and creativity

Creativity is a core value at Knog, and they want to pass it on to you with the Modemaker App. This innovative app allows you to customize your lights with any shine pattern available, resulting in rad-looking light designs that make your bike stand out. The app enables more efficient battery use, extending the lifespan of your lights, and enhances your safety while riding. You can unleash your imagination and create personalized light patterns that not only catch attention but also make your cycling experience more enjoyable and unique.