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About Kodiak Wildlife Products

Canada’s wilderness is full of natural beauty, ripe with adventures to be had. This potential doesn’t come without risk, though, and it was with that understanding that Kodiak was founded in 2000. At the time, wildlife safety equipment like bear spray was expensive and hard to come by. Stationed in Canmore, Alberta and within reach of the Rockies, they were in a prime position to see the issue and tackle it head-on.

Safety in the bush

Today, Kodiak has made bear spray and other wildlife safety products much more accessible to ensure you’re prepared when you head into the backcountry. Of course, the best protection from a bear is to avoid running into one at all, but if it does happen, Kodiak’s selection of bear spray and deterrent can add a little peace of mind to your loadout. Our article on tips for safer travel in bear country can help advise you on how to use this kind of safety gear on your trip.

Kodiak also offers a variety of resources about wildlife safety. This includes services and training for companies that have their people working outdoors, helping ensure worker safety via knowledge and preparation.