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About Maxxis

Founded in Taiwan in 1967, Maxxis has been a manufacturer of bicycle tires from the beginning. Their focus has always been on quality and performance in their products, and that remains the case today. Having spread internationally in the decades since its founding, Maxxis tires can now be found in over 180 countries worldwide. It’s the biggest bicycle tire manufacturer in the world, with customers ranging from everyday cyclists to Olympic athletes and more. Creating and retaining customers who trust them for life is at the core of their values.

Reliable performance

However you ride, Maxxis has a selection of bike tires that’ll keep you moving. Keep an eye out for different tire specs that’ll meet your needs depending on your bike and where you want to take it. If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at our article on choosing the right tires for your bike. It’ll give you a great foundation for what to look for, and Maxxis’ selection will get you the rest of the way.

Environmental responsibility

In recent years, Maxxis has been working towards lessening their impact on the environment. They are making continuous improvements in their manufacturing process to lower their energy use and, as a result, reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. With these efforts ongoing, they hope to continue reducing their footprint in the future.