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Get geared up for remote peaks and backcountry quests.


Get geared up for remote peaks and backcountry quests.

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About MSR

Lifelong mountaineer and engineer Larry Penberthy founded MSR in 1969 from his dedication to improving the safety of climbing equipment. Larry believed that the key to unlocking amazing mountain adventures is safer and more reliable gear.

Today, MSR holds true to Larry’s ideas and continues to create reliable, high-performance gear using the expertise of their close-knit team of engineers and outdoor experts.

Functional, simple and durable

MSR makes almost all the gear you’ll need for a well-rounded camping set-up. Simple yet durable tents get you ready for a solo trip with MSR 2-person tents or bring along the whole gang with MSR 3-person tents. Cook up a 5 star-worthy meal using MSR camp stoves and fuel.

Whether you need to stay hydrated on a long hike or just need to wash down your camp meal, MSR water filters ensure safe and clean hydration.

Gear built to last

MSR builds gear that will last as long as possible, keeping used gear out of landfills and reducing the need for new resources. In manufacturing, MSR uses safer chemicals and smarter packaging to reduce harm to the environment.

MSR is a founding member of the Outdoor Industry Association Sustainability Working Group that addresses the most important sustainability challenges in the outdoor industry.