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    About Muc-Off

    In 1994, most cyclists and mountain bikers were cleaning with liquids that had a lot of salt, and lots of salt equals lots of corrosion on your bike. Rex Trimnell, a man obsessed with detail, decided to pursue making his own bike cleaner that was highly effective, didn’t cause damages and took way less time to clean his bike with. Thus, Muc-Off was born with a bright pink bike cleaner and has since expanded to make a range of products that keep your bike running like new.

    Keeping your bike muck-free

    Muc-Off bike cleaner is a carefully balanced biodegradable formula that removes even the toughest of grime while leaving your bike looking brand new.

    To keep your bike in tip-top shape, Muc-Off chain lubricant keeps your bike parts properly lubed up in dusty and dry conditions, so they last longer and run smoother. If you’re looking for the full set-up, Muc-Off bike cleaning kits keep your bike working like the day you got it.

    Leaving the smallest tracks

    Muc-Off has a goal to protect our one and only playground for future shredders. They’re working towards this goal by using less plastic in their packaging, removing PTFEs from all products, and working to make all their products biodegradable and free from petroleum-based oils.