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About Nalgene

Nalgene water bottles — you know them, you love them, you litter them with stickers. A classic and iconic hiker’s choice for lightweight water storage, you can count on a Nalgene to be super light, nigh indestructible and to keep your lid right where you left it. Whether you want a narrow mouth bottle for a controlled stream or a wide mouth bottle for maximum gluggage, there’s a Nalgene that’ll keep you happily hydrated.

Get those litres in

Made in the USA, Nalgene water bottles are a great choice for everyday sipping. They’re BPA-free, safe to put in the dishwasher (but hand wash if you’ve applied any vinyl stickers) and leakproof due to their straight-shouldered, semi-buttress threads. And with handy measurement lines on the side of the bottle, it’s easy to keep track of your intake.

A splash of colour

A glass of drinking water is mostly colourless, but your bottle doesn’t have to be. Nalgene bottles — especially bottles in their Sustain line — are known for their bright and interesting colour combos between the lid and the bottle itself. Pick a subdued monochrome bottle to match your carefully-curated granola aesthetic or choose a vibrant Nalgene and get pumped about drinking enough water.