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About Oru Kayaks

Oru Kayaks started as an idea: what if a kayak could be folded up like origami? In 2012, Anton Willis, Ardy Sobhani and Roberto Gutierrez put that idea to the test, crowdfunding Oru Kayaks. They found success on Kickstarter and later Shark Tank, and today they continue to put out new models, each of which folds down like the very first prototype – folded out of a business card. From the start, they’ve been based in California, and their kayaks are built near home in the US.

Boating made portable

Oru Kayaks were designed to solve a problem. Even for people who live near the water, taking advantage of that to get outside and enjoy it can be tough. One of the biggest issues is that boats – including kayaks – are big. If you don’t have a garage or the right mounting gear for your car, storing and transporting them can seem impossible. Oru Kayaks address this in their design. Each of their models folds down in just a few minutes to a box that’s easy to carry, pack and store. With both touring kayaks and recreational kayaks to choose from, take a look to find one that’ll fit just right into your life. Pick up a PFD to match and you’ll be all set to hit the water.