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About Park Tool

Park Tool originated from the observation of Howard Hawkins, a bike shop owner who noticed that there was a lack of high-quality tools available for bike mechanics. After the observation Hawkins decided to take matters into his own hands and began creating his own tools.

Driven by his passion for bikes, Howard designed and manufactured tools in his small shop in Minnesota. Park Tool started to catch the attention of other mechanics and bike enthusiasts due to its durability, precision, and user-friendly design.

As time went on, Park Tool expanded its product line, supplying a range of specialized tools for every bike repair job imaginable. From tire levers, to multi-tool sets, Park Tool became a one-stop shop for bike maintenance.

Park Tool and community

Park Tool’s respect was not only gained through its products but by their efforts on educating the bike community. Park Tool has helped educate many aspiring and senior mechanics by producing informative videos covering topics like how to fix a flat to bottom bracket removal.

Today, Park Tool stands as a beloved and iconic brand in the cycling community. Whether you’re a junior mechanic, an everyday commuter or a novice to the bike world, chances are you have a Park Tool in your toolbox.