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About Platypus

For over 20 years, Platypus has been keeping you hydrated by researching, developing and testing their hydration products at their own certified water laboratory, ensuring the hydration products you take cycling, running and hiking are reliable and safe.

Clean and quick hydration

Platypus collapsible bottles are light with a high-flow rate to deliver water quickly. They offer smaller soft bottles for quick solo hikes and huge soft water tanks to keep you hydrated where water is scarce. And when you’re done drinking, even the biggest of Platypus soft bottles collapse down small and take up little room in your pack.

Using a gravity fed system, Platypus water filters only require you to hang them up and let gravity do the water pumping work, letting you filter large amounts of water quickly. If it’s time to replace your hose, Platypus offers easy replacement hoses with a shutoff clamp.

If the odour or taste left behind after filtering your water is not the nicest, Platypus also has carbon elements to add to your gravity filter so your water tastes fresher and is easier to drink.

Hydrating sustainably

Platypus constructs their products with the end of the products life in mind. They use high quality materials so that they last a long time without replacing them, and they field test to ensure they can stand up to wear and tear. Platypus also uses materials that are upcycled and can be recycled.