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About Spy+

Inspired by the intersection of cultures that define California youth, Spy+ creates snow sports gear like goggles and helmets that enhance how you see the world and protect your dome.

The name Spy+ represents their role as agents of the very culture that inspires them, with the cross icon acting as a symbol of positivity.

Hit the slopes in safety and style

Spy+ goggles use a unique technology to heighten contrast and detail in the most challenging conditions. Anti-fog and anti-scratch protection makes sure nothing stands in your way. Designed with your comfort in mind, Spy+ goggles have a flexible frame that conforms to any face and a moisture wicking fleece lining. They’re mid-sized to fit most people and have an adjustable strap.

Spy+ also protects the most precious body part – your head. Spy+ helmets are durable with a sleek profile and a removable brim. The dial adjusting system lets you micro-adjust for the perfect fit. Removable ear pads let you customize the fit even more or make way for a toque. To keep cool, a liner manages moisture and active venting systems let you adjust airflow.

Once you’ve picked the perfect pair of goggles and a helmet to match, head over to our snow sports guides for tips and tricks to keep you prepared and safe out in the snow.