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About Thermacell

Bugs are a natural part of the outdoor experience. Thankfully, Thermacell makes mosquito area repellents so you can keep the ‘skeeters at bay and away from your tent without using topical lotions or sprays.

Mosquito bites, begone

Thermacell’s got plenty of great options you can use to equip yourself with an anti-mosquito force field. Thermacell repellents use allethrin-saturated mats heated with butane fuel cartridges, creating a scent-free radius that tells insects to turn back and head the other way. Portable and backpacking pack repellers give you the freedom to fight off mosquitoes on the go, while patio shields are great to set down if you plan on staying in one spot.

Complete your insect repellent arsenal

Thermacell’s a heavy hitter when it comes to repelling mosquitoes and other bugs in the outdoors, so you can use their repellers alone or as part of a larger bug protection kit. If your next expedition promises to be a buggy one, check out our guide on how to choose bug spray and bug nets to keep yourself covered on your outdoor escapade. If you plan accordingly, you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug out there (minus the bug part, obviously).