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    About Timbuk2

    Timbuk2 was founded in 1989 by Rob Honeycutt, who’d been working as a bike messenger at the time. Living and working in San Francisco, he’d learned the value of the freedom offered by a messenger bag while navigating the city. With the desire to bring that experience to more people, he designed the classic messenger bag that marked the beginning of Timbuk2.

    Style and purpose

    Functionality comes first with Timbuk2 bags so you’re prepared for wherever the road takes you. Messenger bags are their bread and butter to keep you organized and ready to adapt on the fly. Their daypacks offer more storage for a simple solution when you’re planning to be out for a little longer than usual. And if you need to get a little classier, check out their school and office packs to carry everything you need and keep it looking sleek on the way.

    Renew and repair

    It isn’t just Timbuk2’s lifetime warranty that shows their commitment to sustainable business practices. Their renew and repair initiatives ensure even longer lives for the bags they produce. Timbuk2’s Renewal Workshop refreshes worn-out bags for second lives or to be recycled into new products, while their repair team repairs thousands of bags a year to extend their lives and keep you outfitted as long as possible.