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About Vittoria

Vittoria has an impressive history that dates to 1953 when it was founded in Madone, Italy making their mark in the cycling industry by producing top-quality bike tires.

Cyclists soon took notice of Vittoria thanks to their innovative designs and the advanced technology they incorporated into their products. As their popularity grew, Vittoria began supplying tires for various cycling disciplines like road cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross, and urban commuting.

Vittoria became a game-changer in the cycling world with their signature tire features. One of these features is the use of graphene in their tires, making them super-lightweight and incredibly durable. They were one of the first companies to introduce graphene into their tire production. Another breakthrough feature is their 4C compound, which involves layering the tires with four different compounds. This clever approach optimized rolling resistance, grip, durability, and puncture protection.

Vittoria and sustainability

Vittoria holds itself to high standards, and one of their most important commitments is to keep the environment green and clean. They actively work on reducing energy consumption, implementing proper waste management techniques, and educating their employees on being more environmentally friendly.