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About World Famous

Al Mucher founded World Famous in 1953. Based in Concord, Ontario, he wanted to help open up the world of outdoor adventure gear at a time when many outdoor enthusiasts relied on army surplus stores for their equipment. With a focus on offering high quality gear at an affordable price, World Famous grew over the years and now offers a variety of gear under several brand names to continue to help people get outside and enjoy nature. As a supplier, they sell directly to distributers, but are always happy to answer customer queries and provide support. They count themselves as a family business to this day.

Gear to get you outside

World Famous offers a wide catalogue of outdoor gear to help prepare you when you’re ready to head outside and get exploring. Camping gear is what they’re best known for. Check out options like their camping tarps to outfit your campsite for inclement weather or set up a shelter in a pinch. If you find yourself with a damaged tent in the field, no need to fret – World Famous tent repair and maintenance gear will get you back in order and ready to enjoy your trip.