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About Yakima

Yakima started as a small machine shop in Washington state. In 1979, it was taken over by Steve Cole and Don Banducci, and they set the company on the path to become what it is today, known for their truck racks. With a claim to fame through outfitting the 1984 Summer Olympics, they’ve continued to grow over the years as they provide durable, rugged racks and mounting gear to help you take your adventures wherever you want to go.

Loading up for the road

When you’re ready to hit the road and take your gear with you, Yakima’s selection of mountable racks will help you get ready and take the stress out of traveling with gear. Their truck-mounted bike racks are great for taking your bike along with you. Similarly, Yakima’s hitch-mounted racks offer another option for transport, allowing some flexibility in how you want to travel. And when the weather starts to get colder, check out their ski and snowboard racks – the mountains are just a drive away, and why not take that drive without your skis threatening to poke you from the back seat?

A commitment to the environment

From the start, Yakima has been conscious of and trying to mitigate their environmental impact. They have a number of sustainability initiatives including reducing their carbon footprint by allowing hybrid work models and reducing their use of air freight transport. They’re also making a move towards renewable energy, sustainable materials and a greater focus on recycling in their manufacturing process.