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The new Garmin inReach Messenger satellite communicator has officially landed.


The new Garmin inReach Messenger satellite communicator has officially landed. It’s the latest tech from a brand that helps you explore a little farther.

Explore Garmin (and the world)

Garmin has been a leader in the GPS world since the 1990s. They’ve got devices for hikers, cyclists, runners, swimmers – really, anyone who wants to get active. Whether you hike for fun or are a committed roadie, there’s a unit for you and your budget.

Find the latest from Garmin at MEC, from “do it all” Fenix watches and the iconic Forerunner running line to cycling specific Edge units.

Backcountry navigation and communication

If you want to plan and track your trips, you can choose from a handheld GPS or a watch. Simple GPS tracks your route with a digital “bread crumb” trail and navigates you as the crow flies. More advanced units have detailed maps, elevation and more.

Garmin inReach communicators help you stay in touch, share your location and even call for help, no phone signal required.

Wrist-top training partners

Garmin has lots of wearable options. Simple activity trackers can help improve your fitness, while high-end watches are packed with features for endurance athletes. Many have optical heart rate monitors (to track heart rate from your wrist) and can even pair with your phone. Check out tips on how to choose a fitness watch for features to look for.

Rediscover cycling

Garmin Edge cycling GPS computers are awesome training and navigation tools. They can help you decide whether to go left or right at the fork, and track speed, distance and power (they’re also a lot of fun).