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Abitibi& Co.

About abitibi&co

Abitibi&co’s vision and purpose all starts with the name. Abitibi is an Algonquin word meaning where the water parts and changes flow, finding a new path into the unknown. This word struck a chord with the team at abitibi&co, gathering their inspiration from the lakes and rivers in the region and the adventures that begin there.

Founders of abitibi&co Bill Scott and Gerald Shepherdson created their first canoe together in a small workshop in 1960. Now, more than 50 years later, they continue to craft canoes with the hope that it will inspire the adventurous fire in you that lives within them.

Made from durable and easily repaired fiberglass or kevlar with its excellent strength to weight ratio, abitibi&co’s canoes are great for long trips on rivers and lakes. They boast lots of room for dry bag and gear barrel storage. If you’re portaging, the deeply sculpted yokes distribute weight comfortably along your shoulders.

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Every boat leaves a mark on the environment, but abitibi&co is working to change that so generations to come can experience the waterways. Abitibi&co canoes are made in Canada with sustainable materials from local vendors.