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About Accent

Getting their start in 2004, Lee Bonfiglio and Stuart Lee shared a common vision of delivering high quality paddles, and they set out to do just that.

Having since made a huge splash in the paddle industry. They’re constantly researching materials to produce the world’s lightest paddles.

Accent makes lightweight carbon paddles for every adventure on the water. Accent SUP paddles encourage a lighter grip to reduce fatigue, and easy length adjustments on the fly. If you prefer a long tour in your kayak, Accent kayak paddles feel smooth and light in your hand and offer an efficient blade shape for easy, powerful strokes. They even have paddles for canoe tripping, with an offset angle to reduce wrist and shoulder strain and a straight shaft for a precise and powerful feel.

No matter how you like to get out on the water, don’t forget your PFD for water safety, and check out our canoe or kayak touring checklist so you don’t miss a thing.