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About AeroPress

If you need a flexible, on-the-go coffee brewing setup (and that instant coffee stuff just isn’t doing it for you), an AeroPress might be an ideal way to get your caffeine fix. Developed in 2004 by retired Stanford engineering instructor Alan Adler, the AeroPress was made with one goal in mind — brew a great cup of coffee. It’s since become a favourite coffee brewing apparatus of many, even inspiring fans to create and compete in the World AeroPress Championship.

How does it work?

The AeroPress makes coffee in a short brew time by stirring your favourite medium-fine ground coffee (between drip grind and espresso grind) in hot water before using a plunger to pass the coffee through a paper micro-filter. You can use 80°C (175°F) water for a piping hot cup of joe or filter your coffee at room temp for an invigorating cold brew.

You can grab an AeroPress Original to impress your frontcountry campmates and whip out the AeroPress Go on your next hiking expedition or jet setting adventure. With a sub-two-minute brewing time, it’s a super quick way to prep your favourite roast.

Round out your camp kitchen

Once you’ve got your AeroPress and your blend of choice, it might be time to think about the rest of your outdoor meal kit. You can’t live on just coffee, after all. Take a gander at our guide to backpacking food and meal planning to make sure you’re getting three square meals a day.