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About Arcade

In 2012, a trio of friends got together to tackle a problem in the world of belts. As skiers and riders, they found that belts on the market would either sit uncomfortably or come loose at the worst moments. So they set out to design belts that would solve those problems, and more than a decade later, they’re providing exactly what they set out to create.

Function first

Arcade belts are designed with functionality in mind. Before all else, they’re made to work well, last a long time and be comfortable the whole way.

Being function first doesn’t mean you’re losing out on style. Arcade’s variety of colours and patterns give you options for how you want to express yourself, whether your belt will be a quiet accessory or a flashy centrepiece to your outfit.

Giving back

Still a small business, Arcade keeps close to its Tahoe roots. In addition to partnering with several groups that support communities on a local and national scale, they’ve also made strides towards lessening their impact on the environment. Every Arcade performance stretch belt is made with recycled yarn, saving on materials and reducing their carbon footprint.