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About Beal

Founded in France by Pierre and Janine Béal, Beal got its start producing shoelaces and other types of cords in the 50s. Twenty years later, their son Michel got involved and was quick to notice the similarity of climbing ropes to the products his parents were manufacturing. In 1976, they put out their first dynamic climbing rope – and the rest is history.

Low impact force

Dynamic ropes are Beal’s true claim to fame. Constructed with more stretch than static rope, dynamic ropes help cushion a climber’s fall, protect their anchor point and make it easier for their belayer to hold them. Beal’s top priority is climber safety, and their world-renowned collection of dynamic ropes are at the centre of that philosophy. Beal slings and webbing offer additional ways to keep you safe, whether you’re climbing or working at height.

Innovations in climbing

Besides their expertise in dynamic climbing ropes, Beal is also widely known for the technical innovations they’ve made in the climbing space. From developing the first climbing rope to weigh less than 60g per metre to ground-breaking dry rope treatments like Dry Cover and Golden Dry, Beal is constantly establishing itself as a pioneer in the industry.

Making a difference

Beal’s dynamic ropes aren’t just exemplary, they’re completely recyclable. Old, used ropes can be returned to Beal to be broken down and recycled. Beal is also engaged in other projects to conserve and protect our environment, like planting a tree for every dynamic rope they sell.