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About Bogs

Based out of Oregon in the United States, Bogs makes boots to withstand the weather they know best – wet and frigid. They also know the importance of light and comfortable rain boots and winter boots to support whatever adventures daily life takes you on.

That’s why Bogs puts their boots through intense testing to deliver the lightest possible footwear that also protects against cold and wet weather.

Rain or snow

Whether you’re heading out in major slush, fresh snow or heavy rain, Bogs waterproof and insulated tall boots keep you dry beyond your ankle. Neoprene insulation is comfy, flexible and keeps you warm. Bonus – some of their boots have handles to easily pull them on in a pinch.

If you’re looking for stylish boots to take from walking your dog to the office, Bogs ankle boots are winter-proof, waterproof or both depending on the style you choose. Rebound cushioning makes for comfy walking and synthetic linings keep you cozy.

For splashing on the playground or tagging along for a rainy hike, Bogs kids boots are sure to keep your little one warm and dry, with the same easy pull-on handles.

Making changes one boot at a time

Keeping the long-term in mind, Bogs employ initiatives to ensure their boots get as much use as possible and are repurposed, so they stay out of landfills.

At the construction phase, Bogs uses materials that reduce waste, as well as using recycled cardboard for their shoe boxes.