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About Camino

Camino is owned by La Siembra Co-operative, a Canadian co-op established in 1999 with the goal of pioneering Fair Trade practices in cocoa and sugar products. At the time, there was no Fair Trade certification system for these types of products, so La Siembra started laying the groundwork to establish them. Today, they continue their work to defend the fundamentals of the Fair Trade model across the industry.

Sweet treats

With their responsibly sourced ingredients, you can feel good when you pick up a treat from Camino. Craving a bit of chocolate to have on hand for a long drive or a day at the office? Camino’s chocolate bars offer a delightful selection of flavours and levels of sweetness to suit your preferences. Similarly, Camino hot chocolate makes for a cozy treat at breakfast, an afternoon indulgence or a tasty way to warm up in the evening.

Environmental stewardship

From their founding, Camino has been conscious of their environmental impact and working to mitigate it every step of the way. Their products are organic, which helps sustain the land they’re grown from. The packaging they use is all either biodegradable, recyclable or made from recycled materials. They also work to shorten their supply chain wherever possible to ensure they’re making a minimal impact.