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About Chrome

Since 1995, Chrome has been making uber-functional gear for your life on the go. Chrome makes backpacks, messenger bags, belt bags and slings to keep your essentials right where you need them. In the decades they’ve spent innovating new gear, Chrome’s gone from creating their first iconic bike messenger bag to becoming a heritage brand that stands all on their own.

Humble beginnings

Chrome started out as an initiative to make better gear for the bike messengers of the world. They got to thinking about seatbelt buckles, slapped an Oldsmobile buckle onto a messenger bag and thusly, Chrome was born. And you’ll be glad to know their current lineup is a little more refined than the prototype. Inspired by hardy fasteners like tie-down straps and those aforementioned seatbelts, Chrome designs rugged yet contemporary gear that makes a statement.

City giving

The Chrome Gives Back initiative is dedicated to lifting up organizations that bring vibrancy and life to our cities, especially if cycling is their preferred way to do it. Chrome is all about the art of movement, and getting folks out on two-wheeled adventures is as worthy a cause as any. Past Chrome Gives partners include Outright International, p:ear bike works, and Trips for Kids.

So, pick out a bag, stuff it with your essentials (and maybe a few snacks) and get to pedaling.