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About DeFeet

Shane Cooper founded DeFeet in 1992 with the goal to break away from convention. Cycling socks were stuck in a rut, and he wanted to forge a new path forward – one that would lead to greater and longer lasting comfort for cyclists.

By cyclists, for cyclists

DeFeet socks are designed with the needs of cyclists at their core. From their durable nylon outers to the soft Merino wool inside, comfort, strength and performance are at the forefront of DeFeet’s design philosophy. Their cycling socks are the core of their brand, and their running socks follow in the same footsteps with an even more breathable construction.

Local and responsible

Rather than importing materials or exporting factories, DeFeet has kept their business local in every way they can. Their socks are knitted in small batches in North Carolina, and many of their materials come locally from the US, including their traceable Merino wool.

Also local is the source of DeFeet’s recycled fibre, manufactured from locally recycled plastic bottles in North Carolina. Material waste and sock returns are also recycled locally, so you can feel good about where your socks are coming from and the efforts DeFeet makes to minimize their impact on the environment.