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About DU/ER

DU/ER is about jeans that you can wear all day long. Founded in 2015, they wanted to fill a gap in the market by offering denimwear that could get you through your whole day – your morning bike commute, your afternoon meeting and your dinner on the town. It got its start in Vancouver and in the years since, has spread to hundreds of retailers.

Doers get things done

When you pull on a piece of DU/ER clothing, you know you’ll be ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you. Focused on performance for that morning bike commute? DU/ER’s cycling pants and tights offer the thoughtful design of a technical pant with a sleek look that means you can wear them all day. For an even more classic option, DU/ER’s jeans – their bread and butter – look great every day and leave you with enough comfortable stretch to keep moving from sunrise to sunset. And if you’re looking to finish off an outfit, DU/ER’s casual jackets are a great addition when it’s looking a little chilly.

Plant-based fabrics

From the very start, DU/ER has been focused on keeping their impact positive. 95% of the fibres they use in their clothing are plant-based or recycled materials. Their clothes are also built to last, embracing the world of slow fashion to keep you looking good and keep your clothes out of landfills. DU/ER also owns and operates their own factory, meaning they have maximum oversight on the practices, both social and environmental, that keep their company moving.