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About Edelrid

Edelrid’s been making trusted gear for the vertically inclined (that’s to say climbers, hikers, skiers, arborists and even rope access workers) since way back in 1863. Founded in Germany by Julius Edelmann and Carl Ridder, Edelrid started as a strand and cord factory before moving its way up to climbing ropes, harnesses, quickdraw slings and pulleys. Now, it’s a tried-and-true company responsible for creating tons of industry standard gear.

Responsible gear to get you there

Edelrid’s been partnered with bluesign® since 2009. This means that products like their ropes, webbings, slings, chalk bags and harnesses are made with as little hazardous substances as possible, contain no environmentally critical substances and don’t pose a health risk in their finished state. Many Edelrid climbing ropes have a PFC-free finish (look for ropes in their Eco Dry line).

Edelrid is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which is a group of public sector bodies and companies committed to improving supply chain transparency and working conditions where clothes are manufactured.

Happy climbing

So, that’s what Edelrid’s all about. Pretty cool, right? If you need some climber’s guidance, check out our rock climbing and bouldering tips including how to choose and care for a climbing rope. Otherwise, grab some innovative Edelrid gear and try it out for yourself.