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About ENO

Founded by the Pinholster brothers in 1999, ENO’s driving force has always been the desire to bring the comfort of hammocks to the world. From their humble beginnings selling hammocks out of a van to designing the first knotless hammock suspension system, ENO continues to be a big player in the industry, offering a wide variety of hammocks and accessories for anywhere you can sling one up.

Comfort anywhere

Anywhere you can find two solid anchor points, you can hang a hammock. ENO can prepare you for all kinds of conditions while you relax, too. Their camping hammocks are a staple of the brand, but hammock accessories like bug nets are a must-have when you’re setting up in the bush. For a cozy hammock experience, check out ENO’s selection of blankets and quilts, so you can bundle up while your hammock rocks you to sleep.

Sustainability from the start

ENO believes strongly in the importance of protecting and preserving nature, and this belief is woven straight into their business and manufacturing practices. They strive to use responsibly-made materials – including recycled content – for their products, minimizing waste wherever possible. Along with an assortment of non-profit partnerships, ENO is making constant efforts to be as sustainable as possible and support the health of the planet every step of the way.