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About Esker

With their hardy products designed and manufactured right here in Canada, Esker’s here to bring you high quality outdoor winter tents, tools, stoves and gear. They promise high-performance gear that takes a conscientious, hands-on approach to quality control, supply chain stability and safety.

Locally made gear for all seasons

Based out of Ontario, Esker makes winter hot tents, wood burning stoves and accessories, and rugged wooden bucksaws that harken back to times long ago. Their equipment is made using Canadian materials and manufacturing facilities, so they’ve got a chilly environment just outside their doors when it comes time to field test. Grab one of their cotton canvas tents to shelter up in even the harshest conditions, and a sturdy steel stove to take the interior temp from bone-chilling to balmy.

Keep your kit good as new

To make sure your gear can put up with whatever you throw at it for years to come, make sure to treat it kindly. You can treat your bucksaw handle and blade with the appropriate wax or oil to keep it looking good as new, and give yourself a quick refresher on Tent Care 101 with our guide to tent repair and care.