A good night’s sleep in any conditions

Camping in a snow cave or pushing the limits of shoulder-season backpacking? Exped down sleeping bags and insulated sleeping pads are up to the task. Innovative design features add warmth while shaving weight, so you can sleep well in even the harshest environments.

Exped prioritizes materials with a smaller environmental footprint, like OEKO-TEX 100® certified fabric, recycled polyester, and 100% Responsible Down Standard down. Plus, as of 2022, all Exped sleeping bags and pads are certified climate-neutral by MyClimate.

Sleeping pads and R-value

Each sleeping pad at MEC has an R-value, which shows its resistance to heat loss. A higher R-value means the pad helps keep you warmer; some Exped sleeping pads include down insulation to boost their R-values. Get more tips on how to choose a sleeping pad.

It’s a good idea to choose a sleeping bag with a temperature rating a few degrees colder than the lowest temps you plan to camp in. If you start to overheat, you can always unzip the bag a bit.

Down sleeping bags are lightweight and compressible, but won't keep you warm if they get wet. For rainy or humid conditions, a synthetic sleeping bag may be a better choice, though it might be slightly heavier and bulkier. To help your sleeping bag last, learn how to store and wash it properly.