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About Fizik

Founded in 1996, Fi’zi:k - referencing to the phonetic spelling of “physique” is an Italian cycling brand that focuses on sophistication, inspiration and carrying the best-looking cycling gear for cyclists around the world. Fizik offers a range of products for all types of cyclists, including mountain bikers, road cyclists, and commuters.

Their products include saddles, shoes and bar-tape - all of which emphasize design, comfort, and innovative technology.

The saddles Fizik supplies were made through years of innovation. Fizik have developed some of the best saddle technology in the industry, focusing on aerodynamics, comfort and sleek design.

Fizik also makes super durable and cloud-like handlebar grip tape and gels that help relieve the pressure on the palms of your hands while riding, making it one less thing to worry about.

Finding the right cycling shoes can be challenging but Fizik simplifies it with their wide range of cycling shoes including mountain bike and road cycling shoes. Fizik’s cycling shoes carry a stiff sole that helps transfer power more efficiently, allowing you to pedal with greater force and speed. Compared to other cycling shoes in the industry, Fizik makes their shoes a bit wider and longer, if that rings a bell for you it might be worthwhile to check out Fizik’s cycling shoes.