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About G3

G3 is a Vancouver-based industry-leading backcountry skiing and snow sports brand. G3’s first avalanche probe was made in 1995, and now with more than 20 years in the industry, they’ve remained committed to their roots by designing and producing reliable, durable and innovative equipment for the backcountry snow. They’re constantly seeking new products to design for your safety, performance and ease of travel.

G3 backcountry skis are lightweight and made to stabilize through any snow conditions that the backcountry throws at you. They help you retain speed on packed snow and glide through powder while tackling technical objectives or just playing around, with lots of made in Canada options. Add ultra-light G3 backcountry ski bindings to your ski set-up that absorb energy and give you peace of mind while gliding down the hill.

G3 offers a range of snow safety gear like G3 avalanche probes, snow shovels and snow saws. Head over to our article on avalanche safety gear and training so you know exactly what you need to bring to stay safe and have fun.